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Poetry Publications

The Third Body
Publisher:  Cherry Grove Collections
Publication Date: May 2007
ISBN:  978-1933456652
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Description :
The Third Body flexes considerable centripetal muscle, pulling every earthly thing within the poet's ample embrace.  Here, the "wonder of . . . things" brims within beloved wife and son and aging dog, within an ancient river, quiet horses, and the autumn orchard.  Knorr evokes a world so ripe its fullness bursts into rot or flame, a cycle of richness forever on the verge.  This welcome collection's lesson, its "terrible secret," is the knowledge that to love is to consume and to be consumed, a merging of bodies both enthralling and redemptive.  This is a strong, honest, and mature book.
- Kevin Stein, author of American Ghost Roses and Illinois Poet Laureate

Publisher:  Mammoth Books
Publication Date:  September 2004
ISBN:  978-1595390097

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Description :

Poetry. Essays. In this mingling of essays and poems Jeff Knorr takes us on metaphoric journeys down rivers, to lakes, and across fields hunting for pheasant. KEEPER explores childhood memories fishing with his grandfather, his own father, and what it means to raise a boy of his own. In these captivating writings, our heartaches and memories are cast out against the placid surface of the water only to retrieve what is important to us--to teach the younger generation through our stories and actions, weaving a beautiful pattern of life and living.

Standing Up to the Day
Publisher:  Pecan Grove Press
Publication Date:  November 1999
ISBN:  1-877-603-65-1
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Description :
In deceptively simple language (consider the nuances of the title), these brief and quiet poems probe the common dichotomies of our lives--the fractured either/or way we position ourselves in the western world: present/past, song/silence, man/nature, alive/dead, awake/asleep, day/night. At their best, the poems in Standing Up to the Day celebrate those joyous moments when we forget the fracture and feel the wholeness of our lives, and mostly "it's the small things we feel." Knorr has an eastern-like knack for observing those small things. One of my favorites: "The chicks sing/through the morning./ They are the morning." These are fine poems--subtle, intelligent, and best enjoyed during our quietest hours.--Gary Thompson

Non-Fiction Publications

Mooring Against the Tide: Writing Fiction and Poetry

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Description : This guide to creative writing explores the two genres of poetry and fiction, and defines the basic elements of each. It offers a hands-on approach to writing, and includes essays from noted authors that enable readers to witness the creative evolution of poems and stories. Clearly written and organized, it also contains student writing samples and an easy-to-use guide to the workshop. The section on poetry covers such topics as imagery, lines and stanzas, sound, rhyme and meter, voice, and point of view. The fiction section looks at point of view, plot, character, setting, dialogue, style, tone, voice, and theme. For aspiring writers who view the writing process as a dynamic one, and are looking to improve their editing and critiquing skills.

The River Sings: An Introduction to Poetry

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Description :
Breaking barriers and cultivating a lifelong love of poetry, this practical guide to reading poetry is set up to provide a background in analyzing poems, applying literary theory, forming opinions and offers approaches to discussing and writing about poetry. The volume teaches readers how a writer works so that they can feel more comfortable reading poems. The author examines survivalist poetics, how readers and writers work, literary criticism, how a poem is built; metaphor, symbol, and point of view, sound and the poem, shaping the currents of poetry, reading a poem, writers on writing, and provides poems for further reading. For those looking for an accessible introduction to poetry.

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